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1. Psalm 23 - Urdu (Hammad Baily) Khudawand maera chopan hai mujhae kamee na hogee Woh mujhe haree haree charagahon mae bithata hai Woh muje raahat kae chashmon kae pass lae jaata hai Woh maeree jaan ko bahal karta hai Woh mujhae apnae naam ke khaatar sadaqat kee raahon par lae chalta hai Balkae kha maut kae say ke wadi mae say maera guzar ho Maen kisee bala say naheen daroon ga kyoon kae too maerae saath hai Taerae asa aur taerae lathee say mujhe tasalee hai Too maera dushmanon kae rooh baroo meara aagae dastorkhan bichta hai Too nae maera sir par taeel mala hai maera pyala labraez hoota hai Yaqeenan bhalae aur rehmat umr bhar maerae saath saath rahae gee Aur maen hameshan khudawand kae ghar maen sqoonat karoon ga.
2. The Lord’s my Shepherd (Stuart Townend) The Lord's my shepherd I'll not want. He makes me lie in pastures green. He leads me by the still, still waters, His goodness restores my soul. Chorus And I will trust in You alone. And I will trust in You alone, For Your endless mercy follows me, Your goodness will lead me home. He guides my ways in righteousness, And he anoints my head with oil, And my cup, it overflows with joy, I feast on his pure delights. And though I walk the darkest path, I will not fear the evil one, For you are with me, and your rod and staff are the comfort I need to know.
My Lord I just want to serve you (Sally Baily) 1. My Lord, I just want to serve you To know your purpose for my life, To be fulfilled in your service And live my life as Jesus did Chorus Show me Lord where I can serve you Show me Lord how I can serve you Show me Lord who I can serve now To show my love for you today. 2.My Lord, I just want to serve you To use the gifts you gave to me, To show the world by my actions That you are Lord of all I do. Chorus Bridge My Lord, I just want to serve you Give me passion for the right cause, Courage to stand for the weak, And complete the tasks in your plan. Chorus
Lord you are more precious than silver Lord you are more costly than gold Lord you are more beautiful than diamonds And nothing I desire compares to you. Khudawand tu hey chandi sey bhi kimtee Khudawand tu hey sonay sey mehenga bhi Khudawand tu hey hero sey bhar kay haseen Aur teray sewa mae chahoon kuch bhi nahin.
Yesu maeree pana, mera kela, Mera bachane wala Tu kitna azeem, kitna raheem, Jaan dee meree liyeah Jesus, you are my rock, You are my shield, You are my saviour. Though, you are so great, You came to serve, Giving your life for me Jesus
Eloi Eloi (Sally Baily) Chorus Crucify, crucify the King of the Jews Eloi, Eloi, lama shabach-thani “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.” Why do they mock Him, the King of the Jews? Don’t they know He came to save us from death, Taking our sins when He died set us free. Chorus Hung on three crosses all day long, Two criminals and God’s Son who will die. One knows the truth that He’s done nothing wrong, “Today, you’ll be with me in paradise.” Chorus “Father, why have you left me here to die?” Just like a criminal He was crucified. For our sins He died because He is your Son, So Jesus says, “Your will not mine be done.”
Eloi, Eloi, lama sabach-thani Merae khudaya khudaya merae Kyon hai diya chor tu nae mujhey Fariad Karta hoon terae hazoor Kyon multagee say hai rehta too dour Din ko pukaroo too soon ta naheen Shab ko tavajo too karta naheen Marae khudaya ae milat ke sham Jaie mukadas tera hai makan Maree taraf jo bhi hain dektae Muzhakae maen sub hai lay jaata mujhey Haen moon charatae marae samnae Haen sir halatae yoon kehta hooe Rakhta hai too apnae rab pae yaqeen Pas ab wohe tujh ko kar dae aazaad Garchae khuda tujh ko karta hai pyar Tujh ko chura ka kare wo aazaad Aapas maen kaprae marae bant kar Haen daltae kura poshak par Moon par maree thuktae hai subhe Haame marae too madad jald kar Too share kay moon say mujh ko bacha Sandoon ka sayngoon say mujko chura Marae khudaya ae marae khuda Quoon hai deah choor too nae mujhe
Go ahead drive the nails in My hands, Laugh at Me where you stand. Go ahead, and say it isn't Me, The day will come when you will see, Chorus: 'Cause I'll rise again. There's no pow'r on earth Can tie Me down. Yes, I'll rise again, Death can't keep Me in the ground. Go ahead mock My name, My love for you is still the same. Go ahead and bury Me, But very soon I will be free. Chorus Go ahead, and say I'm dead and gone, But you will see that you were wrong. Go ahead, and try to hide the Son, But all will see that I'm the One. 'Cause I'll come again. There's no pow'r on earth Can keep it back. Yes, I'll come again; Come to take My people back
I am redeemed (Linda Fricker) Your burden was heavy When they lifted you high With the weight of my sins Lord So great that you died. And in taking them with you My soul was purified My life you’ve purchased I’m forever redeemed Chorus I am redeemed I’ve been sanctified Blood of the Lamb Has washed me clean x2 (I am redeemed) And three days you laid there ‘til you rose from the grave We’ve no fear in death now Life eternal you give And Because we trust you Our sins you forgive So Lord I thank you I’m forever redeemed Chorus Bridge Now I am free I have been released From all my sin I am washed clean I am redeemed
1. I want to walk with Jesus Christ all the days I live of this life on earth; to give to Him complete control of body mind and soul. Chorus: Follow Him, follow Him, Yield your life to Him – He has conquered death, He is King of kings; Accept the joy which He gives to those Who yield their lives to Him. 2. I want to learn to speak to Him, to pray to Him, confess my sin to open my life and let Him in, for joy will then be mine. Chorus 3. I want to learn to speak of Him my life must show that He lives in me; my deeds, my thoughts, my words must speak all of His love for me. Chorus 4. I want to learn to read His word, for this is how I know the way to live my life as pleases Him, in holiness and joy. Chorus 5. O Holy Spirit of the Lord, enter now into this heart of mine; take full control of my selfish will and make me wholly Thine! Chorus Follow Him, follow Him
Because he lives God sent His Son, they called Him Jesus He came to love, heal and forgive, He lived and died, to buy my pardon An empty grave, is there to prove my saviour lives. Chorus Because He lives, I can face tomorrow Because he lives, all fear is gone Because I know, He holds the future And life is worth the living just because he lives How sweet to hold, a new born baby And feel the pride, and joy He gives But greater still the calm assurance This child shall face uncertain days because He lives Chorus And then one day, I’ll cross the river I’ll fight life’s final war with pain And then as death gives way to victory I’ll see the light of glory and I’ll know He lives. Chorus Khuda naee apna baeta bheja Pyar shifa aur muafi ko Wooh raha aur jaan dee maeray liyeah Aik khali kabar saboot hai kae Wooh zinda hai Wooh zinda hai, mujhe koi fiqar naheen Wooh zinda hai kio dar naheen Maen janta hoon, wooh maera shafi hai Kah zindagi ka maqsad hai Ka wooh zinda hai Chorus


released March 10, 2016


all rights reserved



Voice for Jesus London, UK

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